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    My project keeps shutting down

    victorc2998787 Level 1

      Basically, when I reopen the most recent project and stabilize/render clips, the program shuts down at roughly the same point and attempts to save my project. Pretty much like a broken record at this point.


      It all started with a clip not playing back or rendering well when I tried to see if an effect was working, so I made proxies for the clips (made program run faster along with minor adjustments to display). This project does have a couple of sequences and roughly 300 clips (along with an unrelated project with a small amount of files in comparison), would this have something to do with Premiere crashing? Yes, I have disinstalled the program, turned off all other programs and turned off the computer.


      Some computer specs if needed: My Mac has a 2.12 TB Fusion Drive, has 489.29 GBs of documents, 114.44 GBs take up by the system, and 39.55 GBs by apps. There is still 1.45 TBs left on it.