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    Fireworks with Dreamweaver 8

      I download the Fireworks CS3 and I have Dreamweaver 8. I try to do a photo album on Dreamweaver and the programm told me I need Fireworks 4 or better. I download the programm and try again after I install it and it didn't work again. Dreamweaver don't see the fireworks I just install. The programm fireworks is install on the desk in the moment in a file. What I have to do to connect Dreamweaver to Fireworks? Thank you every one.
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          I'm not sure why Dreamweaver is giving you that message of needing Firework 4.

          Open Dreamweaver and select an image on a page. Do you see the Fireworks logo in the properties section? If you do, click on it and see if it opens Fireworks CS3. If it does, Dreamweaver sees Fireworks. If it doesn't, you may want to check file types/editors in the preferences section of Dreamweaver.

          Is this the photo album that's preinstalled with Dreamweaver 8, or is a third-party extension? If it's an extension, check the vendors site for compatibility. If the photo album is built-in, maybe a simple uninstall and reinstall of both applications would solve the problem. But first, let's determine the Dreamweaver to Fireworks communication problem.