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    Lightroom classic slow switching between imported photos in develop mode?


      New here and not very experienced with Adobe so go easy lol and sorry if this has been covered.  I have Lightroom classic and have imported 200ish raw photos 25-30mb photo size.  When I'm in develop mode switching from picture to picture to compare images it's painfully slow for it to load the clarity of the image and then when I go back to the other image same thing takes like 7 seconds to load the clarity.  This is just switching back and forth between two images takes a long time for it to load then same problem when I switch back to other image.  I read Abobe having slow problems but pretty sure it's not as bad as what I'm dealing with if anyone can help please.   Frustrating trying to develop photos waiting 5-10 seconds for picture to load just to compare two images to see which one is better.  Thank you in advance for your help.