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    Spotlight subject with circle effect and track


      I am attempting to highlight a subject using the circle effect (which I have successfully created) now I need to track that subject. I have seen many examples of doing this by toggling animation adding keyframes then changing the position of the spotlight with each keyframe then rinse and repeat.


      This is where things are not going well. It seems that all the examples of this do not match my version of PR 12.1.1 Build 10.


      Here's what is happening:

      I set the position of the circle, add a keyframe. Then add a second keyframe, move my circle.  That's when I get what looks like blue intelligent tracking dots and when I add the next key frame the circle goes back to it's original position. After creating several key frames my circle bounces back and forth like a beach ball...


      I know I am missing something here. If someone would be so kind as to help out this newbie, I would be grateful.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Keframes need to be set to Linear.

          Set first and last keyframe first.

          Then add keyframes where the mask goes off startings somewhere in the middle and so on.

          Also if you have other effects nest first.

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            richemail Level 1

            Thanks for your help!!

            Not nesting was the issue. For I had some time remapping already in the clip. Before nesting I wasn't able to move my circle via the numerics. Though I am still not understanding when I move it via the crosshairs how (what looks like) vector lines work.


            Tank you again for the assistance.

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              Carlos Ziade Adobe Community Professional

              01. Just click the toggle keyframe once to create the first keyframe, then move in the timeline and change

              the position value of the circle, it will create another keyframe automatically, keep changing only the position

              value as you move through the timeline without clicking anything in the effects controls, (it seems you are

              clicking the 'Reset Parameter' icon that's resetting your position to its initial value). It is normal to have blue

              dotted lines while creating motion, this is your Motion Path.


              02. Try also applying a 'Transform' effect, and wok on the position from there


              03. You can also duplicate your video by holding 'ALT' while dragging a copy move it above your first video,

              then on the duplicate above create an Ellipse Mask from the 'Opacity' parameter in the Effect Controls panel,

              drag you ellipse or circle (hold shift if you want a circle mask), then go to 'Color' which will create a Lumetri,

              adjust the highlighting from there (Exposure, highlights etc ....) then click on 'Track Selected Mask Forward'

              in the opacity mask parameter in the effect controls, it will automatically track your subject, the highest the

              quality and lighting of your video, the better the result.


              Let me know if you need more explanations to prepare a short video