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    Calling .NET assembly only works once until services restarted

      I am calling a method from a .NET class library dll that takes two strings (a file path and an xml string) and returns an xml string. It all works fine once but then the results are blank with subsequent calls. If I restart the ColdFusion 8 .NET services the method runs fine once and then I get nothing again. The .dll has static functions and I am calling it like this from a cfc. Any ideas?


      <cffunction name="getMatch" access="remote" output="no" returntype="string">
      <cfargument name="thisFileName" type="string" required="yes">
      <cfargument name="thisxml" type="string" required="yes">

      <cfset xmlResults = "default">
      <!--- Create the initial Match object from the dll --->
      <cfobject type=".NET" name="m" class="myLibrary.dllClass" assembly="D:\root\webservices\myClass.dll">

      <cfset xmlResults = m.GetMatches(#arguments.thisFileName#, #arguments.thisxml#)>

      <cfreturn xmlResults>