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    Lightroom 6.14 map module does not query city

    hherbos Level 1

      I'm using Lightroom 6.14.

      My camera does not have a GPS module - so I always add GPS data to my photos within map module in  Lightroom. I drag'n'drop my photos on the map and the GPS metadata are filled out automatically by Lightroom. Lightroom till my last use of Lightroom, Lightroom has automatically filld out also "city", "country" and so on have I have drag'n'dropped my photos to the map.


      Today I noticed, that Lightroom only added GPS coordinates and "altitude", but NO "city", "country", "state",...


      In "Catalog settings" I do have checked "Lookup city, state and country of GPS coordinates to provide address suggestions".


      Do you have any suggestion, how to automatically add "city", "state", "country",...?