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    Drop Down Menus - screen is not recording everything

      Hello. I am creating training program and It does not show the selection of drop down boxes, the fact that I type in a letter to shorten the search or any of the process of selection in some cases.

      Do others have issues with everything interfering with Captivate? Locks up often.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi wrjames and welcome to our community

          If you are referring to occasional blank screens and mismatched mouse movements, I'll say it's a common issue. Sometimes it happens with desktop applications but most frequently you see it when recording things that are web based.

          Here's why. Captivate is running on your desktop. Very quickly. You click a link on the page, Captivate senses the click and poof! It captures the screen. But think about what happens when you click that link. Most often, it sends a command to the server, the server has to process the command and fetch the data or page, then send it back to the PC. This all may happen pretty quickly for us, but Captivate runs so quickly that it captures the blank page sometimes before it populates with what the server sent.

          In cases like these, where you know from experience that Captivate may miss things, it's best to supplement what you are automatically capturing with presses of the Print Screen key. Essentially you are instructing Captivate and saying "I'm not sure you got that one, so take another picture". If you end up with too many, just toss out what isn't needed once you are done. It's a whole lot easier to do that than it is to grab something that was missed.

          Cheers... Rick