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    Lightroom Classic CC 7.11 update issue


      I update the Lightroom Classic CC to 7.11.  The program is having multiple issues.  One, my identity plate was reset to default, I tried to go back and click the personalized settings but info was gone, had to recreate my identity plate again.  Two, all my 2018 folders has disappeared, I did check to see if have been moved, to no avail, couldn’t find it. I did click the “Find Missing Photos” but came up with nothing. Did check the backup from the recent catalog, it won’t transfer from the backup.  I’ve made sure the catalog backup once a week.  I once had this problem last year and somehow I got the folder back into the Lightroom without re-importing.  This time, I’m having to re-import all of 2018 photos, raw and edits.  This takes a while. Three, since the update, Lightroom interface will flash on and off for a few seconds, stop, then will do it again. I notice other software or programs not doing this, just Lightroom. I can see 2018 folders in Adobe Bridge and my backup folders and editing folders, Lightroom will not recognize it.  Is anybody having this issue? Answers?