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      Pls, I may sound stupid but I just want to ask a simple question. How do I populate my database from Flex if I am using a .Net webservice ? And how do I also perform Queries ? Standing by
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          Flex can work with any webservice, regardless of the platform that it was written in. If you're asking how do you send a .NET object from/to Flex, that's another story, but if you want to know the basics of webservices, use the help feature inside Flex Bulder 2 and type webservice in the search field.
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            ConquestDuke Level 1
            yeah that would hit the point. How do I send .Net objects to flex and back ?
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              leotemp Level 1
              well if your are on IIS server(windows) then you could probably get away using just a simple asp script and the HTTPservice component in flex. Just wrap the result from your query in xml freindly tags:


              if you dont know much about scripting or .net then i would sugest starting with simple ASP, go to sloppycode.net or something and learn the basics of creating a odbc connections and interacting with record sets. if your already familiar with javascript or action script then i recommend using javascript for your asp language rather then visual basic as its pretty messy and can be very frustrating sometimes.
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                ntsiii Level 3
                To add to the above:
                What is your goal?

                Does your project have any external constraints, like existing functionality you want to re-use, or a corporate policy reagarding platforms or communication protocols? Passing complex objects can be difficult.

                If you are pretty much in charge of the technical end, this is what I advise:
                * Use HTTPService as the protocol
                * Use XML for all responses from the server. Request arguments can be whatever is convenient. Use XML if you are passing complex data.
                * Use resultFormat="e4x" on the client side.
                * Use a result handler function for all data calls. Binding is hard to debug.
                * Use Dot.Net web application (aspx) on the server side.
                * Use a single aspx page as the url. Use request arguments to determine what to do.
                * The web application does not need any visual UI
                * In the aspx page, set: Response.ContentType = "text/xml"
                * In the Page_load handler, access the request argument data as needed
                * Do whatever dataqbase or file system or mail or whatever servir functionality is needed.
                * Convert as needed any data to xml. Note, SQL Server can return XML automatically.
                * Response.write the xml data back to the flex client.
                * In the client result handler function massage the data as necessary and assign it to the dataProvider property of whatever control you are using.

                Post back if you have specific questions.