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    How to prevent downloading videos

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      I am using Adobe Media server 5.0.6 standard edition to stream videos in our portal. With login students can access the streaming videos. Through the portal they cannot download the video. But using some tools they are downloading the videos by directly hitting the Media server path. [http://yyyy.edu:8134/vod/new/chapter1.mp4] How can I prevent the download. My server Windows 2012 R2 Portal running on IIS 8.0


      Please help me.

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          Graeme Bull Adobe Community Professional

          Your best bet is to use a token system. Essentially you build a small system that creates a token on a PHP page (or other server side page). Then you setup .htaccess to only allow that to be run on the domain so there isn't any iFrame usage of it (I can't recall exactly this part). Anyways, once you have that, when somebody accesses the PHP page where your player resides it passes that dynamically created token to the player. Then the server side will receive that and figure out if it's a legit token or not, flag it that it's been used so it can't be used twice and then that's that. It's the PHP and AMS side code that you need to figure out though. I don't know of a sure fire way to do it just with the built in tools of AMS.