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    LR slow and unresponsive ?


      Hi, I have been using LR Classic CC  and need some help, Up until now its has been working great but now when I`m editing it runs very slow, is unresponsive and sometimes freezes, I have noticed when this happens I can hear the Cooling fans working very fast!!!  My PC is quite new, I have run a system check on my PC and all is well, I cant seem to sort the problem! Could it be a LR software problem,Or is it my Hardware ? HELP PLEASE !!

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi MrXX,


          Sorry that Lightroom Classic CC is not working as expected as it is running slow and not responding at times.


          Which exact version of Lightroom Classic CC are you using?


          Could you please take a look at the basic list of troubleshooting steps in this help article Troubleshoot Adobe Lightroom problems, issues, or bugs and let us know if that helps the cause?




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            MrXX Level 1

            Thanks Akash,

            I`m using version 7.5

            I will try what you have recommended hopefully I will find the answer.

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              dj_paige Level 10

              Fans running a lot? Computer seems slow?


              Is this a laptop?


              Well known problem for laptops, when the CPU is in use heavily, the fans start running heavily because using the CPU builds up heat, and then the laptop throttles back the speed of the CPU (causing slowdowns) so as to avoid overheating.


              Are you doing a lot of brushing and/or spot healing in Lightroom? This requires lots of CPU power, and makes the problem worse.

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                MrXX Level 1

                Thanks for the response!

                No its not a laptop and as you say the problem is worse when brushing or spot healing.

                This is my system I would have thought this was adequate and has been running great for the past year!

                Windows 10

                Processor  Intel(r) core(TM) i5-7600CPU @3.5GHZ

                Installed Ram 8.00 GB



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                  dj_paige Level 10

                  An i5-7600 is not a particularly fast CPU, and in fact I bought a faster CPU almost 5 years ago. That most likely is the cause of your slowness, the CPU can't keep up with the increased demand required of the CPU by brushing and spot healing; this causes heat buildup, the fans run, and Lightroom can't do the edits fast enough.

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                    JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    That's an interesting response. Here's a screenshot of the basic makeup of My system. It's an old computer, at least seven years old. I don't have any performance issues, no performance drag in the develop module. Doesn't really drag when I do a lot of brushing.


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                      dj_paige Level 10

                      Are you doing a lot of brushing or a lot of spot healing? Do you have a 3K, 4K or larger monitor? These are the usual things that slow down Lightroom. MrXX has already stated he does a lot of brushing and spot healing. What size images does your camera take (in pixels, not megabytes)? All these things slow down Lightroom (or not, if they are not present).