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    Red screen in Captivate

    Powered by India
      I am getting red screen while previewing a full motion recorded movie and also after published the movie. the movie is quite lengthy with 90 Slides, i getting the red screen from 25th Slide. Even, i am using a high configuration computer for recording. please advise...
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Powered by India and welcome to our community

          Sorry, but the "Red Screen of Death" (RSOD) is a phenomenon we see when recording longer movies using Full Motion Recording (FMR). Basically it is an indication that the computer resources have been exhausted. I believe it's an issue with the Flash Player. What happens is that as each full motion segment plays, it is loaded into memory. The next segment plays and is loaded into memory. But the first wasn't released. It's still loaded! After several of these occur (for you it seems to happen 25 slides into the movie) all the memory is used up and no room exists for loading more. Hence the RSOD.

          The only way around it as far as I know, is to create smaller projects, then link them together. You may also wish to avoid using the Full Motion type of recording, particularly for projects that are very long.

          Hopefully this was helpful... Rick
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            Hi Captiv8r,

            I'd like to know if we can expect a fix for this bug soon, in such a way that the recorded parts of the video get unloaded from memory to make room for more. Is Adobe aware of it and going to release a patch or something? Also, following your suggestion, how do you recommend us to link together these smaller parts of the video?

            Thank you very much for your help.

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Welcome to our community, Juan

              The only way to ensure that Adobe is even aware of the issue of loading and unloading from memory is for everyone seeing the issue to submit a bug report. You do this through the Wish Form.

              Click here to view the WishForm/Bug Reporting Form

              As for linking smaller sections together, below is a link to a small tutorial I've built to explain it.
              Click here to view the tutorial

              Cheers... Rick