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    Address lookup does not work any more

    jonas013 Level 1


      I am using Lightroom Classic on a Windows 10 PC.

      For some time automatic address lookup has stopped working.

      I checked :

      - that the box "Lookup city, state and country of GPS coordinates to provide address suggestions" in catalog settings is checked

      - that "Address lookup" is activated in the upper pannel.


      Is this a bug or regrettable evolution of Lightroom?

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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi Jonas,


          We're sorry to hear about the Address look up feature not working, could you please let us know which exact version of Lightroom you're working on and which operating system are you using?


          Could you please have a look at this forum thread and let us know if it helps? Lightroom Classic CC not seeing GPS Location Data



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            johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

            Several have reported that LR 6 has stopped doing address lookups recently, but I haven't seen other reports for LR 7. It's worked for me all along, most recently yesterday and today. So more likely it's something particular to your configuration.  A few initial troubleshooting steps:


            1. Copy/paste the first ten lines of the menu command Help > System Info here.


            2. In which country is your computer located? (Google sometimes has country-based restrictions.)


            3. Verify in the Metadata panel that the photos have GPS locations assigned in the LR catalog.


            4. Copy/paste one of the GPS locations here (Google sometimes hiccups for particular countries/locations).

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              johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

              Another step:


              5. Verify your Web browser can go to Google Maps .

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                jonas013 Level 1

                Hi Sahil,

                Thank you for your responsiveness.

                I had a look to the thread you mentioned, but unfortunately it did not help.

                May be I should be more specific : I have no problem with GPS coordinates. Previously (I guess since LR4), LR was able to look up the city, state and coutry automatically from the GPS coordinates. These 3 metadata are automatically filled and their content is grey. This functionality works only if the PC is connected to the Internet. I have been using it for years and it worked fine until recently; but some days ago it stopped working. The GPS coordinates are ther, but the metadata city, state and coutry remain blank.


                I'm using Lightroom CC Classic version 7.4 and Windows 10 release 1803.


                Thank you for your help.

                Michel D.

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                  jonas013 Level 1

                  Hi Sahil,


                  I have juste updated Lightroom CC Classic from 7.4 to 7.5 and the problem is solved

                  So it seems to be a bug in 7.4.

                  Thanks again for your help.


                  Thank you also to johnrellis

                  Have a nice day.


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                    stewartr43936066 Level 1

                    I just did a quick check on version 7.5 on a Mac and it worked fine. I do remember it being a bit flaky in 7.4.

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                      Joe_P Level 1

                      I am still using LR6.14 that did not change for "years". I have the same problem that (since August 2018) the reverse geocoding (address lookup) fails. Actually, once in the last 4 weeks it suddenly worked for 1 day and then stopped again until today (22 Sep 2018).

                      The data are available from Google since the Hybrid display shows province, city, country etc. dynamically for images with GPS info.

                      But LR now fails to copy those data into the Map modules location fields (usually gray display until you change or accept it manually).


                      It should probably not be related to the recent GDPR issues that causes permanent popups to accept my privacy setting in GoogleMaps, otherwise displaying the correct location info in the Hybrid Map display should not work.


                      I would really be happy to learn what has caused LR to work (all my catalog and LR settings are unchanged ...)


                      Thanks in advance for any useful hint.

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                        johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                        A number of people have reported problems with address lookup and LR 6 in the last few weeks: Lightroom 6.14 map module does not query city, country,... | Photoshop Family Customer Community . Adobe employee Simon Chen reported on 9/11 that Google had misconfigured some of their servers and that problem should now be fixed. Other employees have suggested that other recent Map problems (e.g. zooming) were caused by changes on Google's servers.


                        If it's still not working for you, I suggest posting details of your issue in that bug report. When you do, I will change it from an answered "question" to unsolved "problem".  Be sure to include the first ten lines from Help > System Info.  (Note that Adobe product developers don't participate in this forum and won't see this thread.)


                        However, note that Map view for LR 6 will be discontinued as of 11/30/2018: Map is no longer supported in this version of Lightroom . A popular alternative for LR 6 is the Geoencoding Support plugin.

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