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    Transparent but not in Photoshop CC


      So, I downloaded a couple of smoke/light pictures tonight - transparent smoke was my search term and both of the images had the checkered background, indicating the background should be transparent. Only it wasnt, the checkers follow with the image... so I have seen a couple of similar questions where the answer seems to load them into Illustrator and "remove the background layer". There doesn't seem to be that option in Photoshop CC and I really don't wanna shell out another $26 per month for an application that I would just use for that... even tried installing Inkscape but there solution there.


      Guess I can live with loosing a couple of credits but what I would really like to know is this: is there any way to tell by the preview info if a picture is "true transparent"? And by that I mean of course that I don't have to turn off the background layer to make it transparent - I have grabbed other pictures that has worked without having to do that. The pic's I took was #192536596  and #121842067 .

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          twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

          Hi Magnus,


          I have checked the file ID which you have licensed(192536596 and 121842067) and noticed that they are vector files which are best used in Adobe Illustrator.

          I believe that the file which you are looking for is a PNG file, and unfortunately .png file is not available in our Adobe Stock website.


          If you need a PNG file, you can simply create a file in Photoshop and save it as PNG or download a similar file format from Google.




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            Hellpig Level 1



            Thanks for the quick answer! Just a bit confusing, for example I downloaded other pictures in the same format that was transparent in PS but then I guess that the background layer has been removed?


            Best regards


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              twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee



              It totally depends on the contributor at the time of their submission, as to how they want to upload the file on the Adobe Stock website. Many a time they download by removing the background layer and sometimes, we need to manually remove the background layer using Illustrator CC.