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    Distorted file between library and develop modules


      LR Classic CC Version 7.5

      Mac OS Sierra Version 10.12.6

      Nikon D750, Tamron 15-30 mm

      SD card (new and formatted in camera) SanDisk Extreme Plus 32 gb


      I was trying out my new lens this morning and I uploaded the photos into LR using a card reader.  I cropped one of the photos and noticed a red streak along the bottom while in the develop module.  I then moved to the library module and the red streak was gone.  None of the other photos from the group had this issue.  I have also been able to load the same files into LR CC with no issues - iPad Pro with Lightroom CC Version 3.4.0 via a card reader.


      I also noticed from photos taken a few nights ago, different lens and SD card bad distortion (pink, white, red) in a different location (right side of photo) after I uploaded them into LR.  I saw no issues while taking the photos - back of camera view looked good.  I also uploaded the same photos into Lightroom CC with no issues. 


      It does not appear to be a SD card or camera issue.


      What could be causing this issue in LR Classic CC?