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    Trouble connecting 3 monitors to 2013 MacPro with Premiere Pro CC

    rb91620650 Level 1

      Hello tech wizards!


      Well it's happened––two monitors are no longer enough for editing workspaces, scripts, email, etc and want to connect a third monitor (that might have to be mounted to the ceiling!) but I'm having problems getting all three monitors to run on the Mac Pro.


      I'm running OS 10.13.6 on Late 2013 Mac Pro with AMD FirePro D500 graphics, 32 GB mem.  I have two monitors connected and am having problems connecting a third.  Two working displays are:

      • LG 34" Ultrawide at 2560x1080 using Mac Pro HDMI (Bus 0) output to monitor HDMI using HDMI->HDMI cable (monitor also has dual-link DVI available)
      • Dell U27"15H at 2556x1440 using Thunderbolt (Bus 1, Port 1) to monitor HDMI using Thunderbolt->HDMI cable

      I'm trying to connect a Samsung T22B350 which has HDMI, HDMI/DVI, and component RGB inputs.  I've had no success getting picture from the Mac Pro using a Thunderbolt->HDMI cable using any Mac Pro bus/port.  Well, it goes on, but the Dell then goes off, an issue I know about re DVI connections with the Mac Pro and I suppose this is what I'm trying to workaround.... I've tried configuring:

      • Mac Pro Thunderbolt to LG dual-link DVI with Thunderbolt cable and Thunderbolt/DVI-dual adapter but that doesn't send any signal to the LG for some reason.  (Yes, changed input on monitor....)
      • Have also tried all other Mac Pro Thunderbolt ports/buses to HDMI inputs of monitors, but still can't get all three working in any configuration with the Mac Pro.


      I know I'm missing something here, but WHAT?  Can anyone help?


      Thank you!