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    "Attractive happy young teenage girl posing in a wet bikini." Really, Adobe?!


      In a seemingly innocuous search for an images, an image entitled, "Attractive happy young teenage girl posing in a wet bikini. The child with long chic dark hair and a beautiful slender body smiles charmingly. Lovely pre-teen female stands barefoot in swimsuit (188747311)." This series is the most overt and disgusting I've ever viewed. Sure, when I type in "air traffic control," scantily clad women in Halloween-type outfits pop up. While not helpful in the least, it isn't as nausea-inducing as using an underage child in a sexually explicit way. I implore you (Adobe) to take this contributor and ALL of her/his images off your site. You know this isn't appropriate, and vastly better curating is needed.