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    Acrobat DC: what happened to Pro


      Earlier this year I purchased Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and I was able to open PDF documents directly into Edit mode from File Explorer.

      However, this morning, whenever I open a PDF document, it opens into Adobe Acrobat DC as a standard document. I then need to go to the Tools menu and click Edit to edit my PDF documents.


      1. What happened to Pro? Or did Adobe just drop the Pro name?

      2. How do I setup the Preferences to provide me the option to Edit the document when required?

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          1. Adobe Acrobat Pro still exists. What is the exact name of the application that opens the PDF files? Look under Help - About Adobe Acrobat.

          2. I'm not aware of there ever being such an option in Acrobat. Are you sure that how it worked for you before?

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            acidb_ Level 1


            1. The name "Adobe Acrobat DC" shows up under Start > Programs and when I right-click on the PDF file and select "open with". Also, when I simply double click the PDF file, in the title bar it states "Adobe Acrobat DC". I have found that if I open the Adobe Cloud application, it states Adobe Acrobat DC there as well, but somehow it then opens the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC shell.

            My current assumption is that Adobe simply dropped Pro from the name as I can still Edit my PDF documents, albeit that I need to do an additional few clicks.


            2. I do not know of it was an option, but I did not change any settings in Preferences, but was able to open my PDF documents in Edit mode without having to go Tools > Edit PDF. If there is no such option in Preferences, and with the July update it changed the settings, then I will probably need to get used to adding more clicks to Edit the PDF documents.

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              try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              "Adobe Acrobat DC" (without Pro) usually means it's the Standard version. Please look under Help - About, as I've instructed, to get the definite answer. It's possible you have both versions installed at the same time, which can cause conflicts and is not generally a good idea.

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                acidb_ Level 1

                I did find Adobe Acrobat Reader being installed, which I uninstalled when I purchased Pro. Somehow Reader was got re-installed and I uninstalled it again. Now, when I click on the Help > About it does state Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

                Therefore, I assume that I still have Pro, but that Pro only surfaces in the About page.

                PS: now that I uninstalled Reader, the title bar now shows Acrobat Pro DC.


                Thank you for you time with this. It was more a question of perception than actually being faulty.