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    Premiere Pro crashing my computer within SECONDS of start-up


      I recently built a new PC with specs that are off the charts as far as hardware and capability goes.


      I have the Intel Core i9 7900x, Asus ROG STRIX Geforce 1080 Ti graphics card, and 16 GB of DDR4 Corsair RAM installed.

      Upon booting up the 2018 version, whether it be the latest update or a previous of the same year, my computer will freeze completely, forcing me to hard reboot my computer via the power button on the tower.


      I have done just about everything I can find as far as solutions go and nobody seems to have the same exact problem. I've updated my graphics card drivers, cleared the cache, deleted files after uninstalling, then reinstalling (even so much as the adobe creative cloud app installer). Cold booted my computer numerous times.


      Even when I'm able to get into the first screen (in the off-chance it will boot up at all), I've changed the settings on the "Mercury Playback Engine" to just the software only.


      Something to be noted is that this same problem continues in the 2017 version as well, but the cs7 version will work just fine with no problems. If I tried booting up Premiere Pro on my MacBook Pro and the 2018 version works just fine.


      This is extremely frustrating considering how much I pay per month for the service that I cannot use on my own device for the most updated version (Whether that be 12.1.2. or any of 2018's previous versions).


      If ANYONE can be of help, I would be forever grateful.