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    Client Variables PostgreSQL

    InfoCon_Brian Level 1
      Problem: No Client Variables

      Adobe ColdFusion 8.0 Developer's Edition 32-bit
      Kernel 2.6.23
      Fedora 8
      PostgreSQL 8.2.6

      Steps to create problem:
      1) Create a database - empty no tables
      2) Added the database to the list of Data Sources, using the correct driver
      3) Went to "Client Variables"
      4) Added database to the list.
      Checked "Create Client Database Tables"
      Checked "Purge data for Client that unvisited for 90 days
      Checked/unchecked "Disable"

      Flails to create database tables.
      However, ColdFusion created a table "cdata".

      I can't create a sessession for website, because of missing table "cglobal".

      What I am I doing wrong?