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    Importing iCloud photos by date?


      My iPhone crashed and I lost a month's worth of photos--but luckily they were backed up in the cloud. In order to download these photos to Lightroom (classic) I had to create a folder on my hard drive. Now Lightroom points to that folder and the photos are not part of the usual file system by date. Can someone help me re-import so that the photos are arranged within the usual file system? Thanks!

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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi Finspot,


          As the picture are not in order in Lightroom, have you tried sorting them and see if it helps?




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            Finspot Level 1

            Hi Sahil,

            I'm trying to use the "Move" function within LR but it won't let me...


            Thanks for your help.

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              Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You can't do this in Classic automatically after you have already imported them unfortunately. I've asked many times for a tool in Lightroom to reorganize already imported images in the dated folder structure but it hasn't happened yet. What you would need to do is write all metadata to the files in this folder (select all and hit command-S). The remove these images from your catalog but do not delete them from disk. Then reimport them and remember to select copy or move and to select the dated folder structure too import into.


              Another way to do this is to export the folder to a new catalog but include all the images and then remove them from your original catalog and then reimport the catalog making sure to have all images become filed by date.

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                Finspot Level 1

                Thanks Jao - I removed all the photos from LR and then re-imported using the "Move" function, sorting by capture date, and was able to put them back into the regular file system by date. Appreciate all the help everyone!

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                  ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

                  Since you are looking to reorganize the files on disk, you might try doing an "export as catalog" and "import as catalog" with the appropriate checkboxes regarding the files.