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    Lightroom Classic crashes at start after a Windows System Restore


      Yesterday I had no problems using Lightroom Classic 7.5, but I had other Windows 10 problems such as File Explorer and Command Prompt wouldn't start.  After trying a number of things that didn't work I decided to do a Windows System Restore.  The restore said it would backout Lightroom Classic 7.5 because the restore point used was a couple of days prior to my upgrading to 7.5.  The restore did restore my registry.  After the restore File Explorer and Command Prompt were working, so I thought I just had to do the upgrade to Lightroom 7.5 again.  This morning Creative Cloud thinks Lightroom Classic is up to date, and I'm not aware of any way to upgrade to 7.5 without Creative Cloud.  Every time I start Lightroom Classic I get a window stating Crash report for "Adobe Lightroom Classic".  It says that Application Adobe Lightroom Classic has crashed and a crash report has been generated.  I've sent the crash report to Adobe.


      Is there a way to obtain the 7.5 upgrade without Creative Cloud or install Lightroom Classic without Creative Cloud?  Does anyone have any other ideas on how to fix this problem?  Thanks in advance.