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    audio clips overlapping?

      Hey folks,
      I'm hoping someone can help me figure out my problem. I'm using Flash MX to build a flash piece, basically it has several keyframes that each have a movie clip containing images and audio clips. I simply have a forward and back buttons to progress back and forth to each keyframe. The button script is as follows:

      on (press) {
      gotoAndPlay("*keyframe label*");

      and the back button is the same. Progressing forward stops the previous audio clip, and plays the next one fine...when I use the back button, it plays multiple audio clips. When I use the table of contents links (which are scripted the very same) multiple audio clips play again.

      I don't know how to correct this so that only the active movie cli'ps audio will play. my movie clips are set up with just the audio mp3 element on a layer within each movie clip.

      Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.