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    Lightroom Classic 7.5 Crashes forcing Windows 10 Reboot

    myra111 Level 1

      Lightroom crashes which also crashes my Windows 10 64-bit PC when attempting to import photos from a Nikon 3300 digital camera. I can get a few pictures to import but it crashes every time. I've tried to import just a few pictures at a time, mixing them up, with no success. I've walked through the troubleshooting page with no success. I've also uninstalled a few times through both the Windows app uninstall as well through the Adobe Creative Cloud. Below is some of my system information where all my drivers and Window patches are up to date.


      Crosshair IV main board

      AMD processor

      AMD radeon HD 6800 series video card

      Both SSD and spinner drives, all with plenty of room and working accurately

      No other known systems issues with the PC


      Camera also seems to be working just fine.



      Any help would be greatly appreciated.