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    Not all menu anchor links working correctly


      I am having problems with the hyperlinks in my menu

      I have 7 menu links that link to anchors down my page.

      However, in Preview mode the first four items work correctly and the last three appear to not be linked. There is no hover state or anything and I am unable to click them. When I publish the page and get it up on my server, the first two items and last two items work correctly, and the middle three appear to not be linked. I don't get it. It seems random. I've triple checked everything and all the links are in there correctly. And I've deleted and re-added the menu items thinking that would help. It doesn't. I've arranged the menu bar to the front so nothing else is over top of it.


      Here is my website as it is right now:

      Three Eagle Half Marathon & 5K


      I get the same behavior in other browsers. I cannot check it in other operating systems, as I only have access to Mac machines.

      Can anybody shed some light on this? I need to get these links working!