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    Keeps deleting comments when I hit save


      I am reading documents for class and making freehand notes on them. I have not had problems with this until last night and today. Now all of the notes I made on a 40 page reading are gone and as I am trying to make notes in a new reading they disappear as soon as I hit save. What is happening?

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          meenakshin83966505 Adobe Employee

          Hi Ryant,


          Sorry for the delay in response.


          As you have mentioned above, the freehand notes that you add to the PDF delete when you hit save.

          I have tried to replicate the issue at our end. It works fine here.


          Are you still experiencing the issue?

          If yes, please let us know if it is an issue with all the PDF or it occurs with a particular one.

          Check with other PDFs and let us know how it goes.

          Try once to sign out of the application and then reboot the device.

          Then sign-in again and check if it works fine.


          Did you try to add other annotations to the PDF? If yes, are you able to save them?

          What is the current application and OS version you are using?


          We will be waiting for your response.

          Let us know if you need any help.




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