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    Two questions

      Hi there

      I´m having some doubts about using text rollovers and tweening an image.

      First of all i have several images alongside each other. I want to press in one image that makes a tween to the centre of the stage and ends up bigger, like it goes scalling up. I´ve done that with one image and it worked but when i put another image, as soon as i pressed in one of them both of the images tweened to the center of the image.

      I´ve put an Hold on current frame in the 1st frame of the scene so that the images don´t travel alone to the center of the image. The i made a script for each image:

      on mouseUp
      go to the frame +1

      How can i give an order so that just one image goes to the center of the stage?

      The other question i have is about rollovers.I have several text sprites in the scene and i want to make another text sprite to show up when the mouse rolls over a text sprite.
      I´ve put the Rollover member change in a text sprite in which it asks for which member in the cast i want to change members when the mouse rolover but it doesn´t work when i test it.

      Did i do something wrong when i put a text sprite in the stage and then deleted it? (it stays in the cast though)
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          1. You can't use Director this way. Director has only one timeline. If you want to animate these sprites as you describe, then you'll have to set each sprite's animation in a separate section of the score. Then, when you select one sprite, the playback head can jump to that new location and play the animation. An alternative is to animate the sprite using Lingo.
          2. If you are using the rollover member change behavior from the library, then you're using it in the wrong way. This behavior is meant to show a member change for the sprite that you are clicking on. Not a different sprite. You can still use this behavior but you'll have to add some additional code to tell that other sprite to show up.
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            Hi Fab,

            you could speed up the process with stating what didn't work for you on Director Online ( http://director-online.com/forums/read.php?1,30181 ). Crossposts are sometimes annoying, and you can be assured that there is no one-click-solution when we tell you so on one forum.