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    Link to download Flash Player from Distribution Email not working


      Hi, We recently renewed our Adobe Runtime Distribution Agreement for another year for all Runtime Apps.


      We received the confirmation email and distribution licence agreement pdf.


      All links to download the apps work except the Flash Player.


      When I clicked that link to that I got to an Adobe Flash Player Distribution Page with the following message.


      No Adobe Flash Player distribution license found for this user.

      Please apply by visiting http://www.adobe.com/products/players/flash-player-distribution.html


      I have double checked the PDF and we are definitely covered for this app.


      I am the person that renewed the Distribution agreement and I have not shared with any other team in the organisation.


      Therefore I am trying to understand why a) the links does not work and b) we re not being recognised as a user.


      It is very frustrating that I cannot contact Adobe about this and my only option appears to be to do the renewal again.


      Adobe - can you sort this from within the forum - i.e provide another link?


      Please note that I have found other ways of getting to the Flash Player download but I am unsure if this will invalidate the runtime agreement


      I would appreciate any advice that can be provided