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    Login Issues with Captcha

    aloks48567732 Level 1

      Hi Team,

      Are you guys working on changing the login procedure using image captcha because it takes hell lot of time to login. And it is really frustrating when you have to urgently use the respective products(Analytics, Report Builder or etc).


      We would recommend that 2 step verification (Password and OTP) is more than enough or you need to come up with some other alternative because this procedure is really not helping us to work.

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          hussianaquib Level 1

          Hi Team,

          Its really frustrating to login with the Captcha every time.


          Instead of making the login process easy to use, the new process has complicated it. It is deteriorating the overall quality of easy to use and access. Captcha and 2 step verification could be used for initial login but for every time it is not done, specially in report builder and marketing cloud.


          Please strive for easy to login process.

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            himanshuc7229280 Level 1

            Hi Team,


            This is really unsystematic and poor tool management for a great analytics tools like Adobe.

            Every time we are getting multiple Captcha validation while logging into Adobe Analytics.


            I believe 2 Step verification (Adobe login and OTP validation) would be perfect for the user validation. Since, its really tedious to spent a lot of time in login into Adobe and its different features (Adobe Site cat, Report Builder, etc.) separately.


            Deeply looking for an alternative solution

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              BenjaminGaines Adobe Employee

              We appreciate the feedback, everyone. Of course we want to make it as easy as possible to log in to the product. This may sound like a silly request, but can someone on this thread possibly post a screen shot of what you're seeing on the page when the captcha is shown, along with the URL at the time the captcha is shown?

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                aloks48567732 Level 1


                when we try to login into any Adobe Tools like Report builder, Analytics, AdHoc Analysis etc. We get the image captcha as above. Which takes hell lot of time, when you are trying to analyze or extract any data.

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                  danielb453 Level 1

                  BenjaminGaines did you ever find anything out here?  We recently started seeing this too when login to any of the aforementioned Adobe tools.  It adds maybe like 15 seconds to the login process at most, but our users are very unhappy about it.  Here is what my URL looks like when I see the captcha:

                  Sign in - Adobe ID

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                    danielb453 Level 1

                    Update: Got some info from Adobe support on this topic:
                    This happens when there are too many unsuccessful attempts to login, all originating from the same IP address. If left alone, the reCAPTCHA goes away in about two weeks' time.