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    5 sites and one domain

    cathrinen92883330 Level 1

      I will make a side for a sports team. This sports team has 4 different sports. Cycling, swimming, athletics, and triathlon.

      All sports must have their own website plus 1 main page for all. 5 pages in total.

      How should I do this practical?


      I do not want it to be lik this example: www.norodd.no/triatlon/home.html.

      But more like www.triatlon.norodd.no/home


      And I'm going to use this widget for the news, and archives so the customer can add articles themselves.



      So all this side must be done in 5 differed adobe muse files i think. Or i can't use this widget.


      This applies to this page: www.norodd.no