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    STILL can't sync sound in CS3?

    tunghoy Level 1
      I thought I had this problem licked in version 8 with AS2, but now it's rearing its ugly head, again. Isn't there ANY way of syncing loaded sound with a movie consisting of multiple MCs? Please don't tell me to set the sound's Sync property to Stream in the Properties panel. I can't put the sound on the timeline, because the timeline stops every few frames to let another MC play. And I'm not putting a 3 1/2 minute movie on one timeline.

      The movie consists of a main timeline that simply plays 8 MCs, one after the other. In frame 2 of the main timeline, I'm loading external sound (see attached code, below).

      No matter how much or where I search, I can't find any solution or even anyone else who says they have this problem. Am I the only one with sync issues? Or did everyone else already give up on Flash for something else? My client is beginning to think I'm a chowderhead and I'm beginning to think she's right.
        • 1. STILL can't sync sound in CS3?
          tunghoy Level 1
          The silence is deafening. I guess the answer is no, Flash can't sync loaded sound with animation.

          Since only streamed sound on the timeline is capable of being synced, and movies that require multiple MCs (i.e. anything more complex than a web banner) require loaded sound, maybe Flash isn't the right application for movies that last more than a minute.

          So maybe the real solution is to use After Effects and go through another steep learning curve. Or wait until an updated version of Director comes out.