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    debugger causing browser to crash

      I am a new Flex 3 user and am having an issue with the debugger causing Firefox 3.0.5, IE, Google Chrome, and Flock to crash when debugging. My problem seems to be different than the other Firefox debug issues, which is why I am posting a new thread. Here is what happens.

      I run debugger in Flex, which brings me to the browser. I click the window to initiate the move back to Flex, where I am greeted by the Confirm Perspective Switch. When I click yes (or no), the browser crashes, which causes the debugging process to terminate.

      I have tried removing all my Firefox plug-ins. The problem is repeated in IE, Google Chrome, and Flock. I am using XP. I'm having trouble finding the exact version of Flash debugger, but I know it is 9.x.

      Thanks for any help you might have.