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    Colour shift with non accelerated effects cc 2018

    Korin Unka Level 1

      Hi I have been having the issue of colour shifts when applying non accelerated effects, I'm currently running 12.1.2 and recently upgraded from 12.0.0 and have never noticed it till now. I have done a few tests to show the issue I'm having with the inbuilt 'bars and tone' option below screen shots. With the sequence Max bit depth is selected and also max render options. The sequence render is set to cineform 10bit 4k. When I render both the red line and yellow line to make the green line the colour shift is still seen on the waveform. When I export these they still show a colour shift. The screenshots below are without any rendering therefore show the yellow line and red line. Does anyone have an idea of what might be occurring:


      GPU enabled and no effects:

      no effects.jpg


      GPU enabled and Camera Blur effect - non accelerated 8 bit effect (effect set to 0 blur):


      8bit effect no acceration.jpg


      GPU enabled and neat video effect - non accelerated 32 bit effect (effect not setup to effect image):

      32bit effect no acceration.jpg


      GPU disabled with no effects enabled:

      gpu disabled.jpg


      GPU enabled and Gaussian blur - accelerated effect (effect set to 0 blur):


      hardware accerated effect enabled.jpg


      Any help would be much appreciated