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    Inbox rendering

    ihm185 Level 1

      Hello everyone,

      we have an adobe campaign instance where we want to test the consistency of email delivery across different email clients. I believe our subscription with Adobe Campaign already includes Litmus. My challenge is how can I integrate Litmus with Adobe campaign so that we can test our delivery across different email clients and platforms before sending.


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          SHMITTAL Adobe Employee

          Hi Imran,


          If you are using a build above 8757, and have litmus(a paid option) in your contract, You can enable Litmus for inbox rendering by contacting Adobe Support team.




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            ihm185 Level 1

            Thank you Shefali for replying,

            We are using build 8754

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              ihm185 Level 1

              Hi Shefali,

              do you have any update regarding my query?




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                Jean-Serge Biron Experience Cloud MVP

                Hi Imran,


                Inbox Rendering option (optional module under license) was made with home-made technology before build indicated by Shefali, so you can use it if you can't upgrade your Adobe Campaign version.
                In that case, you must read the former documentation of Adobe Campaign for former Inbox Rendering mechanism.


                But I strongly recommends to upgrade regularly your AC instance to get newer builds. It helps to improve useability and being ready to new behaviors/new functionalities. And it helps community people to answer you easierly.
                Not to mention that it helps Adobe Campaign support to answer you quicker and better.



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                  ihm185 Level 1

                  Thank you Jean-Serge for replying,

                  Can you please share with me the old documentation for implementing litmus in Adobe Campaign. That will be really helpful.


                  best regards,


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                    Jean-Serge Biron Experience Cloud MVP

                    Hi Imran,


                    This is not old documentation for implementing Litmus, but old documentation for implementing previous Inbox Rendering system (before Litmus based system).

                    Please read that old documentation (archives):
                    Adobe Campaign Documentation


                    But again, I rather recommend you to upgrade to most recent build if possible for you, especially for Adobe Campaign support team help reason.