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    Recommendations for hardware for playback on an external monitor

    Jeremy Gadd Level 1

      I am looking for recommendations for hardware for playback on an external monitor from Premiere on a laptop. I currently have a Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle for USB, but its performance is temperamental. If there is a fix for this I'd be very happy, but I have fiddled far too long with this and no results (Windows Device Manager shows the Intensity as installed and working, Premiere shows it as an option in the Playback settings in Preferences but when I click Set Up for it it shows 'no devices')


      My laptop is a Lenovo ideapad 510 running Windows 10 and has USB3 ports, but no lightning.


      Many thanks in advance.

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          David_V_Clarke Level 3

          Blackmagic do the only USB3 devices and they have always been a bit temperamental. In my experience they work best with Premiere, work ok with EDIUS and don't work at all with Avid. 

          They seem to work better if you put them through a powered USB hub sometimes.  Apart from that it is just a question of trying different Blackmagic drivers and finding one that works better than others.

          They prefer Renasas chipset USB3 ports (which you probably haven't got) although BM did make them work better with Intel Chipset ones.

          I have never found an alternative unless you have a Thunderbolt port or an express card socket (which I assume you do not as you say no Lightning socket).  The only other way would be to plug in a second computer screen to the laptop video card and use that.  Not a proper video output but at least full screen.