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    Prevent editing of PDF but still Digitally Sign - Possible?!




      I am currently using Adobe Acrobat Pro to create PDF's, Sign and then send. I have recently noticed these files can be edited before I apply Digital signature which I am trying to prevent. I know signing a file is essentially editing a PDF as you are applying something to it.


      I have had a play with the settings but unfortunately cannot find a solution, what I am trying to achieve is the following;


      > Create PDF > Make the file so it is not editable i.e. the text or numbers > Digitally Sign (via Fill & Sign > work with certificates > Sign with certificates etc etc)  >Send as I do normally.


      Currently when I apply settings contained within Tools > > Protection > Encrypt > Encrypt with password > Edit "permissions" so Commenting, filling in forms fields and signing existing signature fields is allowed > apply password > save document (so the changes have been saved) then the protection is applied so the document cannot be edited which is fab! But I am not able to apply my digital signature which I want...


      Is anybody able to help me on this issue as I am sure is possib;le.


      Any help is welcome, many thanks