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    Button specifications


      I'm publishing my RoboHelp7 to "WebHelp (Primary Layout)". The deliverable is a help-file that will run on the user's local computer (that is, no internet considerations).

      First question, I'm exporting button artwork from Adobe Illustrator to JPEG; aliased or anti-aliased have different artifacts that distract cosmetically. Further, my custome "About" button did not quite fit. What does RH7 require button artwork to be?

      Second question: Is "WebHelp" the best format for this deliverable?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Darryl.
          Let me answer your second question first.
          If you are delivering the help on an end user's PC the best format is compiled HTML help (.CHM file). It is easier to deliver and is specifically designed fo this purpose. Webhelp is designed to be placed on an intranet or website and is a collection of files.
          As far as images are concerned, the artwork can be just about anything. Try adding an image and experimenting.