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    How to copy hundreds of dng images from Lightroom Mobile to PC


      I have just returned from a month long trip with hundreds of dng images shot on my iPhone for professional purposes. My intention is to edit them on my PC, but I can't for the life of me find a way to get them to my PC for editing! I have synced Lightroom Mobile, but I can't see a way to find out which images are jpegs (I have a few thousand of those) and which are dngs. I must be missing something very straightforward and easy.


      Also, how do I get those synced images to my pc?  I have an iPhone 8 Plus. If I save all the dngs to the Camera roll, will they save as dngs or jpegs? Is that the only option I have to copy them using a USB cord? I had no idea that this would be such a complicated issue. I have searched online and found a few workarounds from back in 2016, but sure there is now an easy way to do this?

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          JohanEl54 Adobe Community Professional

          If you have Lightroom Classic on the PC, and sync its catalog to the cloud, then all the Lightroom Mobile images will be downloaded (providing your subscription includes enough cloud space). Once they are in Lr Classic, it is easy to separate the DNG and the JPEG images.

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            dianecmac Level 1

            Thanks for your response. I do have Lightroom CC Classic, and I do pay for extra cloud space, but I am not seeing how to get the images from the cloud into Lightroom on my PC.  I am used to importing images from my Canon files into Lightroom, but can't see a way to import from the cloud. Perhaps next time I will try  using the cloud when I don't have so many files to deal with.  I did get a message saying that there was a problem  backing up some of the files, so I don't entirely trust it to copy every one of my images


            I have solved the problem by copying all the jpeg files from my iPhone in the usual manner I use, which is with a USB cord. I will then delete everything from my camera roll before saving the dng files from Lightroom Mobile to it. I will then plug in my iPhone and copy all the dng files to my computer.

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              Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              In classic what you do is click on the little triangle next to your name (hover over to see it) and hit "Sync with Lightroom CC". It will start downloading all images that you shot with your phone. Then you can easily see which ones are dng and which are jpeg in Lightroom Classic by using filters.


              You don't need to do all the machinations with copying to the camera folder and using USB. The online sync is much easier.

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                Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

                It’s seriously way easier to do this with Lightroom Classic. If you have a Creative Cloud subscription you can instal Lightroom Classic on your PC. Log into your account and then turn on Mobile Sync in Classic and all of your images that are in the Lightroom cloud will start downloading to your PC automatically.

                I just did this after returning from a 2.5 week vacation where I took over 2,000 images. While traveling I used my iPad to upload raw images from my DSLR to Lightroom CC. I edited them in Lightroom on my iPad, and I organized them into albums. When I got home and launched Lightroom Classic, everything started automatically downloading, and collections were created from the albums I made on my iPad. All of the edits synced to Classic as well.

                It’s brilliant. Really. Give it a try.

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                  dianecmac Level 1

                  My name was not automatically there in Lightroom Classic,  so I ended up

                  Googling for an answer. I have been using CC for years now, so not sure why

                  my name did not show up as suggested. From various answers on the web (none

                  of which covered every detail), I have put together this step by step

                  solution which worked for me :






                      If your name is not showing in the upper left of Lightroom classic,

                     choose "Help" and then "Updates"



                     Choose "Get Started With Lightroom CC" and sign in with your Adobe ID.

                     your name will now show up in Lightroom Classic



                     Click on the arrow next to your name in the left hand corner



                     Choose "Sync with Lightroom Mobile"



                     Click on “Catalog” and you will see “All Synced Photographs”



                     Click on Folders and you should see a folder for your phone



                     Click on your phone folder and you will see “Imported Photos”



                     To know where these images are on your hard drive, right click on an

                     image and choose “Show in Explorer.” The images will be in a default folder.



                     To change location for future downloads, choose “Preferences” and

                     “Lightroom Mobile” and “Specify a location for your Lightroom Mobile




                  (By the way, copying the images to the camera roll and then to the computer

                  did not work, as the images were converted to jpegs, even though I had

                  chosen largest file possible, so my workaround was a complete waste of