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    Late to the game but just as disappointed

    mattispositive Level 1

      Late to the game but just as disappointed. This was such a useful program and finding an alternative has been extremely frustrating. More than anything, I find it so ridiculous to have the program be completely useless after January 2019. What in the hell are you thinking, Adobe? Way to make our jobs harder by wasting time looking for software that fits our needs. Makes me wonder if it's even worth it to keep anything but Lightroom and Photoshop, honestly. I'm still upset Adobe got rid of Speedgrade and tried to act like Lumetri was even remotely comparable. Moved to Da Vinci for that. Now I'm moving to somewhere else for screenwriting. Maybe it's time to learn the Da Vinci editor or head back to Final Cut Pro.

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          mattispositive Level 1

          Oh, and they're ending any further development for Muse. So there's that too. 3 great applications with no mention of developing something new to replace them, including 1 that will completely stop working in a year. Bad form.

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            crutonz Level 1

            Considering all the trends in adobe's actions, it looks like they're only interested in supporting users who are making youtube videos. I'm tired of being pushed around by a company that refuses to listen to their customer base. I'm switching from photoshop to affinitty photo, and going over to davinchi. Scenarist is a great scriptwriting program that is also free and it is a lot better than story ever was. I've been finding that every time I find a replacement, the new program is actually much better than what adobe offered. It's painful to make the switch, but once it's made, you realize that adobe wasn't actually anything special. They're a sad company that charges way too much for their products. This was the last straw. I wish I had made the switch sooner. 

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              mattispositive Level 1

              I have been looking into different programs and was really curious about Scenarist. I'll check it out - thanks for letting us know! Also very curious about HollywoodCameraWorks Causality.