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    Just one last note

    crutonz Level 1

      Just one last note that you can take back to the robot, or brain in a jar, or whatever it is that runs adobe: The biggest issue here is that there are a myriad of simple and profitable solutions to these problems adobe keeps creating for its users, but no one in the company is willing to do anything about it. 

      Everyone here is MORE than willing to pay for the features they need and have grown reliant on. To see your company be completely blind and silent about this is really the most staggeringly alarming element in the whole equation. These are not impossible problems, yet the company that was built on offering solutions hasn't a single one for us.

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          floramc Adobe Community Professional

          dear @crutonz, I don't need to take anything to Adobe, which is by no means "my company". The staff is often on the forum even if they don't always have time to answer. We ACPs are just volunteers here, we offer support on the forum, we don't work for Adobe, we are not on the pay list, so it is really not "mine" under any perspective.


          As a proficient user of some of the tools, I am very happy to support the forum users in their questions and grab the feedback they have on pretty much everything.


          That I sympathise with your frustration is something I have no issues putting black on white, knowing that Adobe staff is surely reading this. We are independent thinkers here, that is what makes ACPs as impartial as one can be: we are not employees.


          As a customer I have seen tools disappear that I liked and I am sorry it happened. I still find a lot of benefits in my subscription, and by all means it is impossible to make everyone happy. I am sure that your voice is not ignored, and how that will be used in the future is not up to us ACPs to know. It might as well be (my wild guessing only) that Adobe is working on developing some other tool that is a bit like Story, I don't know, or they just decided it is a part of the market they have lost interest into. All of this, I do not know.


          I only know that you have to give your feedback because whichever company that wants to be successful, needs to listen to all voices and take the logical conclusions. Disappointment is a right, ventilate it is a right. You pay for the subscription, you have right to all opinions.


          You are all doing the right thing, by being reasonable and never offensive or above the line informing Adobe of your frustration. I support your protest, but Adobe is really not MY company nor I have any closer affiliation to it.

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            eddieduggan Level 1

            I'm disappointed to see Story *and* Muse go the way of Macromedia Freehand.


            Why doesn't Adobe just declare them "unsupported" and set them free for existing users, like CS2?


            The company garnered a lot kudos for the CS2 release.


            Employees who are paid to know such things must also be aware that Adobe takes a lot of flak for poor customer support, failing to fix niggling bugs (or provide explanations/workarounds) and for the subscription options for its eye-wateringly priced software packages in a very limited range of take-it-or-leave it bundles) so garnering a bit of goodwill from the user community just for "disabling the activation servers" on an unwanted piece of software might be an easy win:win.

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              crutonz Level 1

              THANK YOU!

              This is exactly the kind of bone head simple solution I'm talking about.

              Again, adobe is totally failing to see that people are losing huge investments of time, money, and energy, when they retract a product without offering a solution to those that require it for their workflow.


              Profitability, zero maintenance, and no support promises are all within Adobe's reach for these older programs.

              So please listen Adobe! Everyone here loves and cares about you, this is a safe space. We all see you making bad decisions with what you're (not) offering your loyal customers. Please consider changing so that you can stop hurting the people who love you.

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