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    Yeah after the update

    Jerkwithacamera Level 1

      Yeah after the update to resolve 15 I am spending more and more time learning the program. We shoot a compressed Raw on the Blackmagic Ursa mini pro that can't be read in Premiere so I have to say after 19 & 1/2 years using Premiere we might be looking to slowly switch our entire editing team away from Adobe based on this, the lack of Metadata support, and the super buggy April update of Premiere. I mean I am sure Adobe doesn't care about us and our 5 CC subscriptions enough to bring back Adobe Story but for the first time in almost 20 years I am seeing an actual viable alternative for our Mixed OS environment.

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          glaustin Level 2

          I am worried Adobe will focus pro support on potential 'Blue Chip' production houses, but downgrade their overall video line for other pro users to compete with companies at the consumer level (like Corel did when they shut MediaStudioPro, in favour of VideoStudio).