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    Connecting Pages to Bookmarks in RH2019

    rajsaks Level 1

      Does anyone know how to connect Pages to Bookmarks in Robohelp 2019?


      Whenever I create a bookmark, I can't see the bookmark icon like I used to in RH17.


      On top of that, if I go into my TOC and create a Page, to link my page I go search in my Contents, find my file, and then can't see any of the bookmarks that I created. Why was this feature taken away from RH17. What do I need to do to be able to link my bookmarks to Pages?

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          Ioana_St Level 1

          I don't think I fully understand what you are trying to do but, having tested out RH 2019 and having found that many, many features are missing compared to RH 2017, my only advice is to not try to upgrade now. Wait until a few patches are released and try again.

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It may help to understand that 2019 was a complete re-write using completely different tools to build it. I'm told by Adobe that this will ultimately offer the development team to be much faster with improvements down the road. But for the moment, we see some hiccups. Such as this inability.


            Note that the feature wasn't "taken away". What has happened here is that it's not had the chance to be built back into what they have at this point. I understand they are working frantically to make 2019 fully featured. So Ioana_St's advice is sound. You likely need to wait for a while before considering 2019 to be ready for prime time.


            Cheers... Rick

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              Vivek Kumar Adobe Employee

              Hi rajsaks


              Can you please confirm if you have installed update 2? You can do it from Help > Updates... menu if you haven't. Update 2 should resolve the issues mentioned by you.