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    Recommendation Product Feed for Target Premium

    abhishekg98410891 Level 1

      If we set up a daily Product recommendation feed from AEM 6.2 to Adobe Target Premium. then


      1. Will the feed of each day overwrite the earlier day feed? OR the latest products in feed will be appended to earlier feed available in Target?


      2. Will the recommendation activity only recommend those products which are available in latest feed in case of daily feed?


      3. If we plan to take feed daily and before uploading the next day feed. In between this time period, if some of the products/content page got deleted by content/product team, then I believe  404 error will come for those pages which got deleted.

      How we can ensure that 404 error page not come for those pages which got deleted by product team i.e. recommendation activity not recommend those product which got deleted from back-end but their details are available in .csv feed sent??