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    Folder Not in correct place in LR Navigator




      I purchased a brand new 2018 maxed out i9 Macbook Pro with 6 cores about a month ago. I transferred my lightroom catalog from my old computer to the new one. No problems there. However, I've noticed that every time I import a new set of images into a folder, it's not showing up under the parent folder in the left Navigator panel in Lightroom. Essentially, in my computer, I place all of my images in a folder labeled IMAGES. Under IMAGES there are different folders per year; one for 2015, 2016, and so on. For this question, the path so far is IMAGES > 2018. Under each year I place a folder labeled EVERYDAY, which contains most of my images. So far the path is IMAGES > 2018 > EVERYDAY. The folders placed in EVERYDAY are labeled by date and then a small description. Let's take a recent example, and let's talk about the folder labeled 9.4 DRONE. The path so far is IMAGES > 2018 > EVERYDAY > 9.4 DRONE.


      Now that you have my system, here's the problem:


      I've imported images into the folder 9.4 DRONE, and I see them in the physical folder on my computer as being in the correct spot. I see the folder in the Finder window with that path. However, when I go into lightroom in the left Navigator panel, the 9.4 DRONE folder isn't under the correct folder, instead it's all the way towards the top outside of its correct place. When I try to drag and drop the folder in its correct place in LR (I am not dragging and dropping in the Finder window as that will definitely confuse LR), it gives me the message "A folder named "9.4 DRONE" already exists at this location". It then only gives you the options to "Show in Finder" and "OK". It's true that the folder is in my Mac are under the correct place, but in LR it's not under the correct parent folder. I tried synchronizing the folder in LR, but it didn't resolve anything. I've noticed that I have 4 other folders with the same problem, and they're all the new sets of images that I've imported into my new computer since I've acquired it. 


      This problem is extremely annoying as it makes me shift from folder to folder if I'm trying to work with images from a wedding where I tend to label the event, and then put a folder under it for my photos, and then another folder for my second shooter. Now I don't have all of those images in the same place and it creates havoc on my efficiency.


      I'm attaching a photo of my LR Navigator panel, and one from my Finder window that shows the path at the bottom so you guys can see.


      Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 2.59.54 PM.png


      Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 3.00.24 PM.png


      Has anyone gone through this before? I feel like perhaps there are some settings I have no idea about that have been switched because of the migration to the new computer. Any help is extremely appreciated.


      Thank you!


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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          In the Folders panel, right-click 9.4 DRONE and do Show Parent Folder.  Do the same thing with its parent folder, and so on, until you have as much of the hierarchy showing as you want.

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            Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

            I suspect that won't work, John.....this looks very much like the capitalisation issue. To check, the OP need to hover the cursor over the "Desktop" folder in the Folders Panel, and make a careful note of the full path that will show in the pop-up. Then repeat for the "9.4 Drone" folder, looking for a case difference somewhere along the path (most likely the username, given the switch to a new computer).


            If that's the situation, let us know....the fix is usually quite simple.

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              quackieduck Level 1

              Thank you so much Jim and John for your speedy replies!


              I tried both things suggestions. John's suggestion does reorganize the 9.4 DRONE folder into a subfolder where all of my other missing folders now go into. Super. However, it keeps all of my other files in a separate parent file. Though it makes things neater, it really doesn't resolve the problem as Jim mentioned.


              Jim may be onto something, and probably the more correct solution. There definitely is a case difference. The Desktop path that pops up is "/Users/Fed/Desktop" with a capital "F" for my name; Fed. In the 9.4 DRONE folder, the path is "/Users/fed/Desktop/Images/2018/Everyday/9.4 Drone". The "F" in Fed is not capitalized in this path. Could you suggest the solution?


              Additionally, this now brings up a separate question. Ever since I switched to my new machine, anytime that I right click on an image to edit in Photoshop, after I save my work in Photoshop and exit out of the image, it doesn't automatically populate the new edited image in my Lightroom catalog. In my old machine it used to do that. Could the problem be a capitalization error for this as well? If so, maybe we can knock out two birds with one stone?


              Thank you so much for your help!


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                Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

                I'm assuming that the username on the new computer is "fed", correct? In which case:


                1. Take a catalog backup (just in case).


                2. Using Finder, create a temporary folder in your Home folder (not in the Desktop folder), call it something like "Capsfix".


                3. In the Folders panel, right-click on the "Images" folder and select "Update Folder Location". In the resulting file browser, navigate to and select the "Capsfix" folder. "Images" will disappear, and "Capsfix" will appear in the Folders Panel, with all the sub-folders now showing as "missing".


                4. Right-click on "Capsfix", and again select "Update Folder Location". This time navigate to and select the original "Images" folder in the Desktop folder, and you should find that all the "missing folder" icons disappear, and the 9.4 Drone sub-folder (and the other two above it) should now be showing under the Images>2018 folder. You may receive a "Merge" warning message during this stage, that's OK, select Merge.


                And that should be that. Yes, this issue would have caused the problem with returning Photoshop files as well, so that should also be fixed.

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                  quackieduck Level 1

                  Thanks a ton Jim. I'm on my way to an after work event, so I'll try this tonight or tomorrow morning. I'll follow up to tell you if it worked. Thanks for your ultra-fast response time.