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    Mercury Transmit not transmitting properly

    Bike Mi Vie



      Windows 10


      I have a monitor that external monitor that displays up 2560x1600

      and laptop screen 3840x2160



      My primay monitor is set up as the external one.






      I'm not sure if anyone else has this issue. But I realize that adjusting the resolution and such on my computer can mess with the way windows are displayed.

      Even though the warning "scaling and text wouldnt be registered until you sign out and in again"

      So I was about to ask, why isn't mercury displaying to the correct screen (I recently changed my primary screen) and why is it not scaling right.


      I was about to write the post above , to give more detail of my issue. I said let me just log back into my computer, real quick.


      Problem solved




      I hope I helped. I guess my solution is after messing with the resolution setting and such. Log back in and out