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    Premiere Pro CC Crashes when importing MP4


      So I Have Premiere Pro CC version 11.0

      When attempting to import MP4 videos, whether its dragging into the bin, searching within the bin, or opening with media explorer the entire program crashes.

      It freezes on the Importing Media screen and i have to close it through the task manager.


      My entire PC is up to date, have 16 gbs of Ram, an i7 CPU, 1060 GPU, and 64 bit windows.

      I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and it doesn't change anything, it does this with the majority of my Media Clips regardless of file size.

      Have tried FLV and AVI formats and they crash as well.


      Why do I pay for a program that has had this bug for years yet Adobe won't offer a fix?

      Someone know anyway to get this to work?