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    Premiere Pro CS6 Keeps Opening

    Fa310tx Level 1

      I must have Premiere Pro CS6 installed, for Encore CS6, but I don't want it to be the default program for .prproj files.

      Even if I right-click a .prproj file and Open With, there is no Premiere Pro CC 2018 option.

      Screenshot (61).png

      If I scroll down and manually navigate to the Premiere Pro CC 2018 executable, it still opens CS6.

      If I try to set the default app for .prproj, CC 2018 isn't an option.

      Screenshot (60).png

      Obviously, I can just open CC 2018 and then the project file.

      Is there a way to open CC 2018, by the file?

      It seems to me that this would be functionality that Adobe would want to build in (they did it with CS6 and other CC programs have it).