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    Slideshow in Muse not acting responsive

    maryj3831669 Level 1

      So I was struggling with my breakpoints and I saw someone here suggest using fixed breakpoints with a minimum page width of the lower breakpoint width. While this suggestion seems to have done justice for all my pages, my home page seems to not work with this. It currently has a slideshow with the same breakpoint properties but for some reason when I resize in preview, some widths are not cooperating with those properties. I currently have my slideshow set to no resize because resizing things were giving me more trouble. Can you give me some pointers?

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Juding by the lack of response to your question so far, I think you need to provide more information.

          Can you please post a URL to your problem page online?

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            maryj3831669 Level 1

            Hi Nancy,


            I wish there was a way for me to upload my Muse file. But I haven't made the site live yet so I don't have a URL. But I just found an alternative to the breakpoint problem. I was using the slideshow widget before but now I'm using the tooltip from compositions and it's resizing in all the widths perfectly. However the tooltips seem to not have an option for hiding the triggers. Do you have any suggestions for that?


            Thank you!    

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              fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

              You can also leave the triggers just empty like you may follow here: Adobe Creative Cloud


              Slideshows are responsive as well. Could you provide a sceenshot of what you were doing so far?

              You may also show a .muse and share it via CC. Best for this reduce your site to just that questionable issue, save it with a new name into you CREATIVE CLOUD FILES and by RIGHTCLICK THIS FILE share that link with us.

              If you want to preview it is a better way to "PREVIEW IN BROWSER instead of clicking/using the preview button in muses design view or plan view.


              Kind Regards,


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