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    New Lr5 install won't find images on external drives


      A little back ground. Lr5 was loaded on a dedicated 2TB HDD. This drive was for programs and OS, (Windows 7). I had a 32GB SSD that was a cache drive. Last week the HHD didn't want to start. (It was in a Dell 8500 mfg 9/2012). I took it to the shop and they loaded Windows 10 on the SSD and pulled the 2TB out. I came home and upgraded the 32SSD to a 1TB SSD and loaded the OS and Lr5 to this drive. This is now my program drive. When I plug my external drives in to pull up my images, Windows 10 will open to view but now I want to restore my catalogues as they were before my issues happened. This is might as well be a new computer that I want to access my external drives and continue to edit and view in Lr as before. How can I do this? Maybe I'm not asking this right, but there is some work that I was doing in the previous set up that I can't finish the way things are. How do I restore all images through my Lr again?