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    Premiere Pro only imports audio when trying to import .mov files.

    mad scrap


      I have a feature length documentary that is premiering at London Film Festival in October  that I am cutting on Premiere Pro- so the delivery date is very soon.


      I have been working on this film (on and  off) for 20 years so I have hundreds of hours of 'legacy' files. I am finding that when i try and import .mov file - it either will not allow it or it only imports the 'aiff and not the image.


      Very difficult for me as I have a looming deadline in which I need to be spending all of my time on the edit and not on sorting out problems ns that Adobe Premier has created for my workflow.


      I am working with an operating system - 10.13.6 and version 12.1.1 (Adobe Premiere Pro). I have also cleared all my media caches. I would appreciate a swift answer to this problem as I am being held up immeasurably.


      Many thanks